Popular cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee has released a video claiming that the IRS seeks to put him on charges for ‘unspecified’ crimes. He says he’ll keep on running for President in the 2020 elections ‘in exile’.

McAfee in Exile in Venezuela

John McAfee, the developer of one of the landmark antivirus software, is seemingly on a boat along the shores of Venezuela.

He released a new video on his Twitter feed, claiming that the IRS has convened a Grand Jury in the state of Tennesse seeking to put him on charges for ‘unspecified crimes of a felonious nature.” His wife, as well as four of his campaign workers,  are also under the scope of the tax authorities, he says.

As strange as it may sound, McAfee revealed this information just after confirming that he hasn’t been paying his taxes in eight years.

The McAfee 2020 Campaign is, as of this day, in exile. I am being charged with using Crypto Cuttencies in criminal acts against the U. S. Government. More videos coming shortly. Stay tuned. pic.twitter.com/C75zcbnKTD— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) January 22, 2019

He’s been pretty upspoken about taking the government to war, even saying that he’ll be fighting the SEC on the matter of defining ICO tokens as securities, to ‘his last breath’.

Nevertheless, despite the IRS charges, the popular cryptocurrency figure says he’ll continue running his 2020 Presidential campaign from the boat.

How to Run For a President Remotely

In another video, released not so long after the first one, McAfee goes in depth, explaining how he plans to manage his campaign remotely.

Purportedly, he already has thousands of volunteers who will be wearing masks of McAfee’s face, carrying remotely-enabled loudspeakers that he’ll use to speak to his audience.

These “road warriors” as he calls them, will be appearing all over the country at street corners, parks, conferences, political debates, and whatnot. Using the loud speakers they carry, McAfee will be able to communicate with his electorate.

If one thing is certain it’s that it’s going to be the most controversial and peculiar presidential campaign we’ve seen so far.

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Images credit: Flickr