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Despite having lost over 75 percent of its value throughout the last year, Bitcoin (BTC) has still performed better in the last two years compared to tech mogul Apple Inc.

Bitcoin Outperforms Apple Stock in The Last 2 Years

According to data from TradingView, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to outperform Apple Inc. stock throughout the past two years.

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin trades at $4037 which is around 320 percent more than its price in February 2017.

Apple stock, on the other hand, is currently worth around $170, which is an increase of about 46 percent for the same period.

Evidently, the world’s largest cryptocurrency has managed to dwarf Apple’s growth by a factor of 8.

That took place despite the fact that Bitcoin is going through its worse downtrend in its history. As My Bitcoin News reported, Bitcoin broke this record on February 2nd.

It’s also important to outline that unlike Apple, Bitcoin has been proclaimed dead multiple times throughout its fairly brief 10 years of existence.

Despite this, however, the cryptocurrency manages to dwarf Apple’s staggering growth over the past few years.

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