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About us

My Bitcoin News is an independent media outlet aiming to provide the latest, up to date news on bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies in general.

With a passion for everything crypto, our team of professional writers and editors work tirelessly to provide our readers with unbiased news, comprehensive and in-depth analytics, as well as regular reports on this emerging disruptive technology.

We have a strong belief that decentralization will become a fundamental component of our future and we aim to put our readers at the forefront as it’s a process in the making. Hence, our work is aimed at educating our audience and raising awareness of the transformative potential of digital currencies and blockchain technology.

With a team of professionals, fascinated by bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology, we aim to deliver timely reports in an entirely unbiased manner.

While our team is still small in numbers, we’re quickly growing as we aim to continuously and increasingly deliver interesting, breaking, and relevant content.

Content Magicians:

Evelyn J. Akins

Editor in Chef

Media Editor in Bitcoin, blockchain, and everything crypto. Evelyn makes sure that the content is accurate and interesting to our readers.

David Moroe


Economy graduate with a passion for innovation and travel.David covers an array of topics from the field of blockchain technology.

Gines Bravo


Gina is involved with Bitcoin since early 2014 and has been exploring the field ever since. She covers everything bitcoin-related.

Pavel Ortakov


Writing content since 2011 and got into cryptocurrencies and blockchain in late 2016. Passionate about altcoins and blockchain.

Boryana Djondjorova


Yordan Lyanchev