The Samsung Unpacked 2019 event will take place in just a few hours and the company is expected to present its flagship smartphone - the Galaxy S10. The question is, will it feature a cryptocurrency wallet?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Cryptocurrency Wallet

The Samsung Unpacked 2019 event is about to begin in just a few hours and all eyes of the tech industry are turned toward it.

The event is one of the most anticipated tech happenings in the year. Samsung is expected to present an array of products but typically, everyone is hyped about their new smartphone - the Samsung Galaxy S10.

This year, however, things might be a bit different, especially for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world.

In late-January 2019, leaked images of the S10 began circulating the internet, showing shots of one of the phone’s brand new features. It’s called “KeyStore” and, assumedly, it refers to storing private keys.

Naturally, there’s no other available information and it’s unclear which cryptocurrencies the new app will support if any at all.

It’s worth noting, though, that this wouldn’t be the first involvement of the tech giant in the cryptocurrency space.

Back in September 2018, Samsung was announced as a manufacturer for ASIC mining chips of a company called Squire Mining Ltd.

Will it Happen?

At this point, it’s only a matter of speculation whether or not the new S10 will feature a cryptocurrency wallet. Looking at the overall sentiment in the space, however, could give is a reason to think it might actually happen.

Last year, HTC announced their Exodus 1 - the blockchain phone. According to a review, each phone is a node in the very own network of HTC and the the device runs decentralized apps (dApps) in order to process transactions.

Apple just had its own small victory in the field, as Keyboard added the Bitcoin “B” symbol only for iOS users.

It’s entirely possible that Samsung would attempt to catch up with the growing competition. Furthermore, the company has also filed three trademark application within the European Union - one for Blockchain Core, one for Blockchain Key Box, and one for Blockchain KeyStore.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature a cryptocurrency wallet? Share your thoughts down below!