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In a new podcast hosted by Stephan Livera, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey praised Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, outlining that ideas present elsewhere in the cryptocurrency space can be integrated to Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin

In a fairly recent tweet from February 6th, the CEO of both Twitter and Square said that the only cryptocurrency that he’s holding is Bitcoin.

In fact, Dorsey’s stance on bitcoin has always been quite a positive one. When asked about why he only holds BTC, he responded that it’s because it’s principled, resilient and “native to internet ideals.” He also reiterated on bitcoin’s brand, saying, at the time, that it is “great”.

The CEO remains firm on his position as his latest involvement in a podcast hosted by Stephan Livera and also featuring the CEO of Lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark, further attested to his positive sentiment towards the leading cryptocurrency.

That seems to be especially true on the matter of Bitcoin’s brand. Speaking to Livera, Dorsey said that it’s “really spectacular.”

The brand strength, the brand of Bitcoin is really spectacular. It enables more of that resilience. It’s a mainstream, well-known ‘household’ concept. Not everyone really knows what it might be for, and may have different perspectives on what it does… but everyone knows that it’s digital currency, digital money, a digital asset.

Continuing his praise, Dorsey also said that Bitcoin has a very “strong point of view”, outlining that the cryptocurrency has been put out through pseudonymity.

Apparently, those are some of Bitcoin’s attributes which make the digital currency feel “very native to internet ideals.”

The whole thing just feels very native to internet ideals, and that appealed to be a lot. This thing that was ideated on the internet, and then created on the internet, released to it, and then continues to be developed throughout it.

Dorsey also praised Bitcoin’s scaling solution – the Lightning Network. The latter has seen a steady increase in its overall adoption. Data from 1ml.com reveals that the number of nodes on LN has increased with over 14 percent, currently standing at 6,169, while the network capacity is almost 660BTC.

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