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The increasingly popular Lightning Torch has been received by the CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange – Changpeng Zhao. He wants to send it out to Elon Musk, but will he take it?

Changpeng Zhao Gets the Lightning Torch

The Lightning Torch is an interesting concept which started a few weeks ago as yet another means of promoting Bitcoin’s scaling solution – the Lightning Network.

The initiative requires users to pass a lightning payment between the nodes. Each receiving user has to add 10,000 satoshis and to pass it to a new receiver.

The whole thing started on January 19th and it was initiated by a user bearing the name hodlnaut.

The last receiver of the torch is Changpeng Zhao – CEO at Binance.

As evident, the torch already requires a payment of 3,210,000 satoshis. That’s roughly around $116.19.

Where Will The Torch Go To Next?

One of the previous ‘carriers’ of the lightning torch was Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey. As it’s currently held by Zhao, one to express interest in it was Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin.

“I will take it off your hands since no one wants it.” – Said Lee.

However, Zhao responded that he’s sure Lee will get it eventually and that he will “harras borther @elonmusk a bit more.”

The question is, will Elon Musk become the next ‘torch bearer’?

In the meantime, the Lightning Network continues to reach new milestones. According to 1ml, the number of nodes in the network has reached 6,130, which is almost a 15 percent increase, while the number of channels has increased with 25 percent to reach 24,505. The network capacity is currently sitting at 655.38 BTC.

What do you think of the Lightning Torch? Share your thoughts down below! Who will get it next?

Cover photo by Pixabay

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