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Tech veteran and popular Bitcoin proponent John McAfee has once again come up with an astronomical prediction for Bitcoin’s price. This time, however, he’s even given an exact date in time.

Bitcoin at $1M By 31.12.2020

Seemingly triggered by people who predict Bitcoin’s prices without providing an exact date, John McAfee has once again taken the stage and come up with a massive prognosis.

According to the technology veteran behind one of the world’s most popular anti-virus software companies, he now thinks that Bitcoin will hit $1 million by December 31st in 2020.

McAfee has addressed the comments of Jesse Lund, IBM’s VP of Blockchain, who also said that Bitcoin will hit a price of $1 million but didn’t give an exact timeframe for that to happen.


While McAfee has always been quite the character, this time it seems that his predictions are lining up one after another and Bitcoin needs to see astronomic growth in very short terms in order for them to come true.

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at around $4,000 according to data from CoinMarketCap.

McAfee has previously said that Bitcoin price will reach $500,000 in three years – that was in July 2017. We all know what he’d have to eat on national television if that bet doesn’t come true.

In other words, according to his prognosis, Bitcoin will hit $500K somewhere around July 2020. Per his new prediction, it has to double up in just six months, in order to hit $1M by December 31st, 2020.

That’s ambitious, to say the least.

Meanwhile, McAfee has also said that he’ll be running for the 2020 Presidential elections from his … boat.

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