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The official wallet of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by means of traded volumes, Binance, Trust Wallet, has announced in a press release that it’s adding support for Ripple’s XRP and for credit card payments.

Per the release, users are now able to send, receive, store, and to exchange XRP through the Trust Wallet. Looking at the app’s official website, it also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and any tokens based on the ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721 standards.

Further Developments For Trust Wallet

The release also revealed a partnership between Trust Wallet and the payment processing company Simplex. This allows users to use credit and debit cards to purchase XRP, BCH, BTC, LTC, and ETH.

Additionally, the company has recently launched an open-source, cross-platform software library called Trust Wallet Core. It enables developers to effectively build more native decentralized applications (DApps) and wallets.

The founder of Trust Wallet, Viktor Radchenko, said that the library will also allow independent developers to integrate new blockchains with the wallet.

Good News Continue From Binance

Just yesterday, My Bitcoin News reported that the cryptocurrency exchange has launched TUSD trading for the following pairs:


The changes are scheduled to take place today, March 13th at 4 AM UTC and they can be found in the USD trading market cap.

Binance acquired Trust Wallet last summer in July, aiming to provide a “better service and to enhance the safety of all of our users.”

According to Changpeng Zhao, CEO at Binance, the recent announcement should make XRP supporters happy, outlining that someone even called him the “leader of the XRP Army” throughout his live AMA session.

The news didn’t seem to make any difference for XRP in terms of price, however. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.309, marking a very slight 0.45 percent increase on the day, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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