Blockchain payments company Ripple, in partnership with Tsinghua University, launched a Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program.

A Fruitful Collaboration

Major blockchain payments company Ripple, partnering with the Institute for Fintech Research with the Tsinghua University in Beijing (THUIFR), announced the launch of a blockchain research-oriented scholarship program.

According to the official press release, the Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program (BRSP) is aimed at bringing excellent graduate students in China together.

The program is focused on international regulatory policies, as well as the development of blockchain technology, in general.

According to Ivy Gao, the Director of International Cooperation and Development at THUIFR, the scholarship is intended to encourage students with a comprehensive view of the most recent international regulations on the emerging technology.

Furthermore, the program is attempted to help students further their careers in the field of blockchain technology.

Speaking on the matter, Eric van Miltenburg, Ripple’s Global Operations SVP, said:

We are very impressed with THUIFR for taking a unique and innovative approach to engaging China’s young leaders in the blockchain space. The program’s goal – to provide students with opportunities in blockchain research – closely aligns with that of Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative; we’re thrilled to support THUIFR in this endeavor and look forward to its launch.

Last year, the University of Malta launched EUR300,000 blockchain and DLT scholarships fund.

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Images credit to Pixabay