Despite the falling prices of late, people still find it in there hearts to help those in need and for a good cause. A Twitter user has donated 1 BTC in a Ledger Nano wallet branded with the Binance logo on it to a little girl from India.

An Act of Kindness

“Catch them when they are young.” That’s how a pseudonymous Twitter user CryptoPinapple (@nibupraju) begins his announcement that he has donated 1 BTC worth of crypto in a Ledger Nano wallet branded with the Binance logo on it.

The donation goes to an unknown, young girl from India. According to the user, the wallet is kept in a vault and the girl will inherit it when she turns 18.

The user has donated a total of 1 BTC worth of different cryptocurrencies. Their share is as it follows:

  • 20% BTC
  • 20% BNB
  • 20% ETH
  • 10% TRX
  • 10% LTC
  • 10% XLM
  • 10% BCHABC

Interestingly enough, the post caught the attention of Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, who tweeted:

Tell her to find me when she grows up, with this @binance branded ledger. I am very curious what her understanding of currency and economics will be at that point.

In fact, Binance has been quite generous on its own. In October 2018, Binance supposedly made all of its listing fees transparent and pledged to donate 100% of them to charity.

What do you think of this act of kindness? Share your thoughts down below!

Images credit to Pixabay