A cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea has accidentally sent $5 million in Bitcoin (BTC) and Korean Won to its traders via an airdrop according to reports. The platform is currently working on how to recover the misappropriated resources.

An Unpleasant? Accident

According to the cryptocurrency news outlet Coindesk Korea, a local digital currency exchange called Coinnest, has accidentally sent $5.3 million worth of Bitcoin to the accounts of its very own traders.

The mishap took place after the exchange was trying to airdrop some We Game Tokens (WGT). It’s still unclear how, but the accounts got crossed and they misappropriated the above amount of bitcoin in what seems a serious issue for the platform.

The exchange has also accidentally shipped out some Korean won to its users and it has been since trying to recover what they lost.

Quick on Their Feet

Some of the users were able to quickly withdrew the cryptocurrency out of their accounts.

What’s even more interesting, is what happened next. Coindesk Korea reports that because so many users were urging to withdraw the misappropriated Bitcoin, this led to a tremendous crash in the price of Bitcoin on the exchange, which fell to as little as $50.

The accident supposedly took place on January 19th and it has been taken care of. However, the exchange is still working to recover all the funds which were misplaced.

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Images credit of Unsplash